Universal* one-click deployment

Run any pipeline1, with any data2, on any compute resource3, from anywhere4.

1if it's described in Boutiques and wrapped in a container
2if the data is publicly available
3if it can run containers
4if you can login


Built for Science

Lowering the barrier for repeatable, reproducible, and generalizable computation.

Riding the coattails of open intitiatives in Neuroscience, Clowdr follows in the footsteps of the Science in the Cloud framework and enables processing of BIDS datasets using tools described through the Boutiques schema.

Clowdr enables users to deploy tools locally, on clusters, or on the cloud, and ultimately share their analysis for others to consume or inspect in the web.


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Origin of Clowdr

Check out the manuscript that started this whole project - Science in the Cloud!

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